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, Ashdod, Israel) connected to a standard infusion set (Migada, Kiryat-Shmona, Israel) and then to a low-volume high-pressure polyethylene extension tube (Lectro-Cath 1155. Clinicians can attach up to four infusion modules, allowing four independent infusions on a single BD Alaris ™ PC unit. Supporting fluid therapy, blood transfusions and parenteral feeding. This manual describes how to service the Alaris®Syringe Module (“Syringe Module”, 8110 Series)and Alaris®PCAModule (“PCA Module”, 8120 Series). capability between the Alaris® System, Alaris® Server, and Mobile Systems Manager. The pump is suitable to deliver fluids and medications via.

This Technical Service Manual shows how to set up, test and maintain the following Alaris® Syringe Pump models: • Alaris® CC Syringe Pump • Alaris® GH Syringe Pump (with Plus software) • Alaris® GH Syringe Pump • Alaris® GH Guardrails® Syringe Pump (with Plus software). The BD Alaris ™ pump module is a large volume infusion pump that continuously or intermittently delivers fluids, medications, blood and blood products to adult, pediatric or neonatal patients. Features of the Alaris® CC Syringe Pump. It can be used for general IV infusions, antibiotics, blood infusions, enteral infusions, TPN and hyperalimentation, and lipids.

View and Download CareFusion Alaris 8015 user manual online. The user must be thoroughly familiar with the Alaris® CC Guardrails® Syringe Pump described in this manual prior to use. Alarm errors: The infusion pump fails to generate an audible alarm for a critical problem, such as an occlusion (e. The Alaris CC Guardrails Syringe Pump and the Alaris CC Syringe Pump feature an in-line pressure sensor technology, capable of highly accurate, real time pressure monitoring. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Alaris™ PK Plus Syringe Pump Syringe Loading Syringe Loading Prepare Syringe and Administration Set To decrease potential start-up delays, delivery inaccuracies and delayed generation of occlusion alarms each time a new syringe is loaded: • Use smallest syringe size possible, for example, if infusing 9 ml of fluid, use a 10 ml syringe. Infusion rates from 0. Alaris® System Maintenance v9.

The Alaris IVAC Signature Gold 7130 Infusion Pump is a single channel volumetric infusion pump that allows independent programming on both sides. , clamped tubing) or the presence of air in the infusion tubing. The ALARIS®ASENA™ CC is a fully featured high end variable pressure syringe pump suitable for critical care applications. 05, Vygon, France), which was placed with its free edge in a. Alaris 8100 Pump module has an LCD which displays the drug or IV fluid name, dose and rate. intravenous, epidural and subcutaneous routes. The Alaris® CC Syringe Pump should only be operated by a clinician competent in use of automated syringe pumps and post-placement management of intravenous catheters. In one compact infusion pump, the MSIII incorporates a customized drug library, three independent fluid delivery channels, and a drug dose calculator enabling users to safely and quickly deliver infusion therapy.

View online or download Carefusion Alaris GH User Manual. Directions for Use Manual The Alaris® System is supported by this Directions For Use manual. Single channel infusion pump, formerly known as the IVAC Signaure 7100. Intended Purpose. The Alaris™ CC Plus syringe pump offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood and blood products and epidural therapy, including: large, clear display, intuitive user interface, integrated design and wide range of specialty infusion sets. Each of the other major sections provides product-specific procedures and information. All data entry and validation of infusion. DESCRIPTION Alaris™ CC Plus Syringe Pump with Guardrails™ Safety Software.

The Alaris IVAC Medsystem III 2865 is an infusion pump that can be programmed to deliver at a specified rate or over a specific period of time. Dec;3(4):619-629. It accepts syringe sizes from 5ml to 50ml.

Understanding how to program and troubleshoot the alarms of the Alaris Pump w. • The dual channel (Model 7230/7231) offers the same features while providing two, independent infusion pumps in one instrument. The ASENA™ CC functions with a wide range of standard, single-use, disposable Luer-lock syringes. If chassis does not fit in your system, we make custom designed OEM syringe pumps to accommodate your specific needs. Set stopcock to output into a class A or B burette.

Also for: Alaris 8100, Alaris 8220, Alaris 8110, Alaris 8600, Alaris 8300, Alaris 8120, Alaris 8210. Carefusion Alaris GH Pdf User Manuals. Lock Door Summary PCA Module User manual. Calculator Infusion Rate in ml/hr Based on Body Weight. A WARNING is an alert to a potential hazard which could result in serious personal injury and/or product damage if proper procedures are not followed. It uses a new generation PC Unit (Model 8015) which provides wireless connectivity and an enhanced color display to clearly communicate critical programming, infusion, monitoring and our hospital-defined policy information.

PharmacoEconomics Open. The combined use of the Alaris® System and Alaris® Server: • Reduces number of manual steps needed to program an infusion (by providing information obtained from Alaris® Server). Module has indicators which display channel status - red for alarm, yellow for pause, and green for infusing. The Alaris PCA Module is used for delivery of pain management medications via patient-controlled dosing.

Nurses work with IV medications, IV fluids every day. Pump sets can be used for gravity infusion. Set-based, free-flow protection featuring the SmartSite ® needle-free valves. 33 Model 8015 v The Alaris™ PC unit section of this User Manual provides procedures and information applicable to the Alaris System and the PC unit.

Set VTBI to 20 mL. The embedded software within the pump is loaded with three compartment pharmacokinetic predictive models and has 4 modes of operation: 1) Continuous infusion (ml/h). Syringe empty Alarm 4.

140 mL with long chassis. ALARIS Medical Systems® Infusion Pumps are intended for use in today’s growing professional healthcare environment, including. This syringe pump module uses a pressure sensing disc which shortens the time to alarm and reduces the delays upon infusion start up. The Alaris 8110 Syringe Module uses standard, single-use disposable syringes (with luer-lock connectors) and administration sets, designed for use on syringe pumps. A full list of compatible syringes can be found on page 13.

Press POWER key to turn channel on. Medsystem III 2865 Alaris The MedSystem III® (MSIII) multi-channel infusion pump brings clinical versatility to your drug infusion technology. X Software User Manual 5 Warnings Warnings provide information needed to safely and effectively use the Alaris® product. The Alaris® PK Syringe Pump (herein after referred to as "pump") provides the user with an infusion tool for the administration of drugs for anaesthesia. The pump is compatible with a wide range of standard, single-use, disposable Luer lock syringes. Syringe-based technology with secure drug access attaches easily to the Alaris PC Point-of-Care Unit to perform programming functions, history review and other advanced features.

CareFusion cannot guarantee the continued system accuracy with other manufacturer’s syringes as identified in the ‘Compatible Syringes’ table. The Alaris CC Plus syringe pump works with the Guardrails safety software giving you the power to identify, track and, ultimately, prevent many of the most harmful IV medication errors. SYRINGE MODULE MODEL 8110 A L A R M I N FU S E S T A N D B Y CHANNEL SELECT CHANNEL OFF PAUSE RESTART RATE (mL/h) Syringe Module Directions for Use Syringe Module, 8110 Series ALARIS Medical Systems, Inc.

Improving the early detection of occlusions, by reducing time to alarm, and preventing the potential risk of post occlusion bolus. Operates from a 12V DC power source; Holds 1 syringe, up to 60 mL. 73 µL/hr (1 mL syringe) to 2100 mL/hr (60 mL syringe).

It accepts syringe sizes from 20 ml to 100 m. of features in a small, easy-to-use, linear peristaltic pump. Alaris System User Manual – with v9. MedSystem III® Infusion Pump Model 2865 User Manual 1 Chapter 1 Introduction About the MedSystem III® Infusion Pump The MedSystem III® infusion pump with Drug List Editor is intended for use in today’s growing professional healthcare environment, including alaris healthcare facilities and home care, for use on adults, pediatrics and alaris cc syringe pump user manual neonates. Plug instrument into a properly grounded AC outlet. Among these is an in-line pressure sensor technology, capable of accurate, real time pressure monitoring. Training video for medical practitioners at CMFT where Critical Care Technologists Dave Edwards and Samantha Shannon describe the safe setup and use of the Alaris.

6 User Manual—Alaris SE Pump, Rev2. Alaris Medley Infusion Pump Module 8100 Version 4B Operation User Manual Alaris Medley Infusion Pump Module. Smart pump-electronic health record (EHR) interoperability with auto-documentation is associated with increased submission of infusion therapy billing claims at a community hospital. Alaris IV Pump Training. Alaris Asena CC Syringe Pump User Manual. The Alaris® CC Guardrails® Syringe Pump should only be operated by a clinician competent in use of automated syringe pumps and post-placement management of intravenous catheters.

The Alaris CC Plus syringe pump from BD, delivers exclusive capabilities for significant bedside advantages. Use this manual in conjunction with the following Alaris®System documents and software: • Alaris®Point-of-Care unit (“PCUnit”, 8000. These settings and values are for illustrative use only. All of the infusion pumps were prepared with a 500-ml solution of D5W (5% dextrose in water; Teva Medical Ltd.

Alaris System with Guardrails Suite MX. Alaris 8015 desktop pdf manual download. Medley ™ Medication Safety System.

All illustrations used in this manual show typical settings and values which may be used in setting up the functions of the pump. alaris cc syringe pump user manual 19 ModelThis section of the User Manual provides PC unit (Model 8015) and alaris cc syringe pump user manual Alaris System instructions and information. The Alaris System is a modular system intended for adult,. It is used in alaris cc syringe pump user manual conjunction with: • PC Unit/ Pump Module Technical Service Manual • Product-specific sections of this User Manual. The Alaris® CC Syringe Pump should only be operated by a clinician competent in use of automated syringe pumps and post-placement management of intravenous catheters. X Models 7100/7130, 7200/7230 Getting Started Check-In and Configuration 8. Set primary infusion rate to 400 mL/h. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

Alaris cc syringe pump user manual

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